Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Animals Own My Home

I've been thinking about posts, but always when I'm at work and the camera and photos are at home. Guess what, I'm at work! Perhaps some pics this weekend when the NEW PUPPY comes home!!!!!!

Yes, we are just a wee bit excited. My co-workers are ready to kill me if I so much begin a word with the letter P. Well, maybe just bludgeon slightly...

Bast the new kitten is a holy terror. And totally adorable, which is her saving grace. Last night I had been scratched one too many times, so out came the clippers. I was shocked to see that her nails have started to hook down already, so it was time for her first trim. Brad had to hold her for me, and it took no time at all to get those needles taken care of. She was not amused. And then she tried to jump up on the arm of the couch, which requires claws to hold onto the couch while she finishes boosting herself up. She just hung there for a minute, and then slowly slide off. It was hysterically funny. But look ma, no new scratches today! Yeah!

Penny the Viszla deserves the Noble Peace prize, I'm telling you. She should be snapping at Bast every time the kitten comes near her. But Penny is trying to get along, and has gotten good at hiding. Poor girl, she's going to have a nervous breakdown when the puppy comes home. Did I mention that will be Saturday??? LOL

The pigs are growing nicely, and will look very good in the freezer this fall. Right now, they are muddy and smelly. I just keep reminding myself how nice it will be to have a freezer full of pork. Reminding myself lots, to tell you the truth.

The horses are all fat and happy. Sam's leg, which was injured pretty badly in February, is totally healed, and he's galloping and trotting on it. We are so thankful for a great vet. Brad would have been lost this hunting season without one of his two main guys.

Sorry, no deep thoughts today. My mind is totally full of thoughts of impending puppy invasion. I may be able to think coherently after the weekend, but I'm doubting it. I'll probably be sleep deprived at that point.